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Mark Bowsher - writer

Mark Bowsher is an award-winning, proudly neurodivergent writer and filmmaker, having written three award-winning short films, scrpiting chart-topping documentaries such as History Hit's 'The First Britons,  and YA fantasy novel 'The Boy Who Stole Time'. He recently received his first audio drama commission.

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My Story

Mark has been writing since a young age, stories always being his way of interpreting the world. He was writing short plays and sketches while still at school, writing and directing his first full length play at the age of 20, 'Not the Story of Me' - the tale of a non-verbal student and her rivalry with her housemate who's envious of her sense of confidence in spite of her disability. 

Mark wrote three award-winning shorts films, picking up Best Short awards in the UK and the US, as well as one Best Screenplay award (shared with Emma Brand). He's written for various other filmmakers and often scripting showreel scenes for actors. His sitcom pilot 'It's All Lies', inspired by his time working in film marketing, was praised by John Lloyd and Wayne Garvie.


He's written a number of documentaries for Dan Snow's History Hit, including various chart-toppers such as 'The First Britons' (co-written with Noo Saro-Wiwa) which quickly became the most-watched film on their platform.

In 2018, his debut novel, YA fantasy 'The Boy Who Stole Time', was published by Unbound, praised by writers such as Irenosen Okojie, Adam Roberts and Ashley Hickson-Lovence. His short story 'The Hunger Wall' was published in Fish Publishing's 2023 anthology, and his horror short 'Splinters' will feature in Breakthrough Books upcoming anthology, 'Order and Chaos'. He frequently visits schools to talk about world-building and dyspraxia awareness.

Mark recently received his first audio drama commission. He's actively seeking more work in both audio and TV scripting. 


If you'd like to get in touch with to discuss a script / project, feel free to email me here...

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